Quality is what decides the survival and growth of a company. By introducing highly efficient quality control processes, All-rounder Translation Services has maintained and is expanding its track of record in quality of service.

High-caliber team
Competence is the major differentiator for knowledge-intensive industries like translation service. All-rounder Translation Services is home to scores of well-trained full-time translators working under the expert instructions from several bilingualists. Besides, the company is maintaining productive partnership with a large team of supporting freelances chosen through rigid examinations.

Quality control
The company is maintaining a documented quality-control process that binds everyone to best-possible quality.

Learning organization
An established process has been introduced by the company for learning and improvement, which requires every translator to write down what is new and foreign to him and the bilingualist to review and grade the translators’ notes on weekly basis.

We always live up to our promise to customers.

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